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Meet Matthew H. Ehrlich

Matthew Ehrlich, Esq. is a renowned, sophisticated divorce attorney and trial lawyer. He has represented an array of high net worth individuals including finance executives, CEOs, and celebrities. He is a skilled legal strategist who provides clients with personal attention, prompt responses, thorough explanations, creative solutions and excellent results. His expertise has helped many clients optimize their income and assets.

Matthew began his legal career in matrimonial and family Law by collaborating with Field, Lomenzo, P.C. as a corporate and matrimonial litigator and ultimately became a partner at the firm.  He has subsequently developed his own boutique law firm at the LAW OFFICE OF MATTHEW H. EHRLICH, LLP. specializing in matrimonial and family law.  Matthew has utilized his legal expertise in professional trial advocacy, and his negotiation skills cultivated over many years to obtain optimal results for his clients in: child custody; child support; spousal maintenance; and property division in divorce and family court matters as well as modifications and enforcement of existing settlements.

Mr. Ehrlich is a member of the New York State Bar Association and is a dedicated and seasoned advocate, negotiator, and trial lawyer who represents clients in New York, Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Kings, and Westchester Counties, and prepares and argues appeals in the Appellate Division.


Q&A With Matthew Ehrlich, Esq.

Why did you choose to become a divorce lawyer?

I always loved the law and negotiating.  I knew from very early on that I was made to be a lawyer.  As an early teen, my family would send me in to negotiate with hotels on family vacations in order to get whatever we needed at the time.  I simply always had the ability to read people in a negotiation and tap into that in order to achieve the best result possible.  I like to think I have taken these same qualities and employed them in my current practice. When I began to practice law, I was introduced into Family/Matrimonial Law and thought it was a great place to utilize my skills to help out families during a tumultuous time in their lives and really make a difference.

What makes the Law Office of Matthew H. Ehrlich, LLP. different from other law firms?

The highly personalized, compassionate service.  In addition to practicing matrimonial and family law, I am a divorced father, and have a keen insight (having gone through the divorce process) into the personal disruption a divorce causes in someone’s life.  As such, clients are not just a number at our firm.  We offer clients the personal attention that I needed during my own divorce, and we provide extensive investigation and comprehensive trial strategy.  Because of our reputation, we have developed strong relationships with lawyers and judges to get our clients the best results.

What is your personal philosophy on helping people?

Since people usually haven’t been through a divorce before, they need a compassionate, understanding attorney who will listen, educate and explain the law and procedures to them so they have a full understanding of what lies ahead, and then fight vehemently for them in order to obtain the best results possible for them.

Tell us about a case you are particularly proud of:

In a recent matter, the other side only wanted to offer child support based only upon the statutory cap; however, after extensive motion practice and persuasive oral arguments, we were able to obtain child support for our client of over 4 times the statutory cap.  See AS V. TK attached.

What advice do you most often give your clients?

You may be angry and hurt, but always try to put your children’s interests above your own and take the high road whenever possible. Talk to me before you do or say anything that might come back to hurt you. Most importantly, knowledge is power, and as such, knowing what you are entitled to, and what is possible, is essential in any divorce matter.

What do you enjoy most about being a divorce attorney?

I truly enjoy helping people navigate through an extremely difficult time in their lives and to provide the best opportunities for them and their children by finding creative, out-of-the-box solutions wherever necessary.

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