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Family Court Matters

Family Court Matters

New York Attorney-Family Court Matters

Similar to the Supreme Court in a divorce proceeding, Family Court proceedings include areas such as Child Custody, Visitation, Parenting Time, Child Support, Spousal Support, Enforcement of Orders, Modification of Orders, Paternity, Domestic Violence and Orders of Protection. These areas are simply too important to trust to an attorney who does not have your best interests at heart. Matthew Ehrlich, Esq. will assist in making sure that you are able to secure the necessary child support as well as applying the law to secure the correct amount of child support for you. While child support is extremely important, even more important than the amount of support to most is the amount of parenting time you will have with your child. Matthew Ehrlich, Esq. understands this, and will fight for your rights to obtain the maximum amount of time possible with your children.

Outside of your children, another important area of concern is your protection and the protection of your children. If you have suffered abuse from a person you are in a relationship with, we will assist in securing an Order of Protection in order to protect you and ensure your safety.

In the event that there are previous Orders that have been violated, we will assist you in enforcing existing Court Orders against anyone who has violated those Orders or advocate for your modification of an existing Order should that become necessary.

Matthew Ehrlich, Esq. can also fight for your ability to relocate with your children should that become necessary.

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