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I retained Mr. Ehrlich after consulting with numerous attorneys, as I understood who you retain is vital to the outcome of your case. Taking into consideration that my circumstance also involved my children and the support I needed to receive for their upbringing it was my instinct that Mr. Ehrlich would be the right person to represent me. My decision turned out to be correct. Mr. Ehrlich has the tenacity, intelligence, quick response, diligence and sharp mind to carry out what is needed in a divorce. To add, Mr. Ehrlich is a divorced parent himself. This additional personal experience sealed what I was looking for. When I felt the sense of an epic panic attack looming because of the stress and unknown circumstances regarding my divorce I was eased in knowing Mr. Ehrlich cared for my case with deep regard. I have the utmost confidence that Mr. Ehrlich handles all his cases with the same care and have referred him to any and all who need family law advice or counsel.
Lily J.

Amazing Results!

An Excellent Decision Regarding Temporary Child Support published in The New York Law Journal.

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